Hello, I am Polina Stargazer

I play the piano for kindness and love

I was born in a small town in Russia. I grew up in a family filled with music. My father used to play Classical Rock music, while my mother listened to Pop and my brother listened to Alternative Rock.When I was a little kid, I started playing the piano with my father’s guitar and vocal band. Following that, I received a good piano education.But my adventure in music began even earlier than that, in elementary school when my teacher advised my mother to send me to music school. After 7 years, I successfully completed my music education. In university, I studied Tourism and Hospitality in Russia. Then I received my master’s degree in the same field in Switzerland. I moved to the United States in 2013 and continued my job in Miami.For years, people around me have told me that I have a great talent for playing the piano.Over time, I gave these words some thought. So I started playing the piano again and recorded my first composition, Lullaby To Souls.


One out of every 3 women in the world is subjected to violence; our planet has witnessed 10 natural disasters in the past year due to global warming; more than 1 million animals worldwide are subjected to violence every year; 1 in 10 children are abused until they turn 18; 79.5 million people became “refugees” and were pushed out of their homes by 2020, and it is estimated that 430 million people will suffer from hunger and poverty by 2030. Humanity and nature have to face countless problems…I’m Polina, I’m speaking to you through my piano, to raise awareness about all these problems and to help the world become a better place. With music, I aim to touch your souls and be the voice of all suffering souls. If you want to support my project, you can join the link: